Food of the Gods

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I don’t drink tea or coffee but I’m known for eating a fair bit of Green and Blacks chocolate. I like chocolate.

We’ve recently tried three new medium-sized bars of chocolate by Organica. All are high quality Swiss dark chocolate, organic, ethically sourced, fully vegan, and not owned by Cadburys. The ‘Tangiers’ bar is orangey, similar to Green and Black’s classic ‘Maya Gold’, but with orange peel and a tangier taste. Nice, but not too exciting. The ‘Marrakesh’ bar has lots of cinnamon, nutmeg and small raisins and triggered some nostalgia for Midwestern desserts*. Pleasant, warm, Christmasy taste.

The third bar is called ‘Food of the Gods’, rather appropriately**. Imagine a dark chocolate bar full of crunchy, brittle nuts. Nuts that are actually raw cocoa nibs (the centre of a cocoa bean). This is a really good bar of chocolate if you like real chocolate. This chocolate bar is not elaborate or subtle or delicate (try Booja Booja for that), it’s hardcore. If you prefer chocolate that’s mainly milk and sugar and produced by child slaves then avoid this bar. This is the good stuff. Recommended.

I’ll post more chocolate reviews and photos soon, as I’ve been invited to take photos at a vegan chocolate tasting event next weekend. Mmmm...

I can’t find Organica on the web but there’s a news item on the new bars at Confectionary News. I bought mine at 8th Day.

* As an English person I’m always struck by how the Midwestern USA seems covered in a cloud of cinnamon/nutmeg spice mix. Airports, shopping malls, bookshops, streets, cars, restaurants, homes. It’s nice. England probably smells of last-night’s spilled lager and urine to visiting Midwesterners.

** The chocolate plant’s latin name means “food of the gods”.