Zelda Procrastination

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When I was half-way through the final dungeon in Wind Waker I suddenly realised that I was about to complete the game. No more sailing around in the rain. No more pointless rupee collection. What if I never work out what those windmill things and strange sockets do in the town? So I stopped playing. I can always finish it later.

It’s happened again - I almost beat Ganon in Twilight Princess on my first attempt, before realising that I was about to finish the game. After about 80 hours I had almost reached the end. What about the other hearts? I’ve not done everything properly - insects, poes, flight-by-chicken tricks. I’ve not raced against Yeta yet!

It’s good to know what’s left: The Twilight Calculator

So Ganondorf can wait. I’m off looking for golden bugs.