Frank Field: Stupid or Desperate?

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I’ve just read an astoundingly stupid article by Frank Field, in which he attacks the police for investigating government corruption when they could be chasing terrorists instead:

A successful terrorist attack on London could make part of the capital uninhabitable for decades and make Britain permanently poorer. Yet, while London awaits its fate, Scotland Yard is fiddling away on an enquiry into the alleged sale of honours. How can the Metropolitan commissioner defend this enquiry as the best use of scarce police resources?

Does Frank Field wander London shouting at traffic police for neglecting counter-terrorism? Which crimes should no longer be investigated so that more time can be spent on counter-terrorism?

Presumably if any of this rabble end up in court they’ll answer each question by shouting “Look! Terrorists! Over there! Look!”. It’s how they’ve run the country for years.

The article is well worth reading, particularly the comments.