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A. and I went off to visit family in Nuneaton recently. I haven’t been to Nuneaton for a long time, and it was strange to be back. The main street has an amazing concentration of mobile phone shops. The old Tandy shop, the place I saw my first computer, has vanished.

Nuneaton has a surprisingly good range of health food shops - the small town centre has at least three decent shops, including of course a Hollands and Barrets who seem originate from Nuneaton. One of the other two shops had a great range of food, and lots of hippie nicknacks too. Nuneaton’s park is much smaller than I remember (a side effect of me being over six foot tall now, I suppose) but was pleasant to wander around, and absolutely packed with almost fearless squirrels. George Elliot’s statue seems to have moved, I’m sure it used to be in the park.

The main problem I had while upgrading systems to Mandrake 9.2 was that my Netgear router failed on the same weekend, forcing some rapid routing adjustments to restore internet connectivity, and a complete loss of wireless. My Apple Airport wireless router failed after just a year too. The Airport had a one year warranty, and was stupidly expensive to repair, so I replaced it with the Netgear FM114P. Fortunately the Netgear had a free three year warranty. After a long wait on hold they immediately sent me a new one. I strongly recommend Netgear, their kit is good and their warranty support is good. D-Link seem to losing their quality control and sturdy design, and I’m tired of their non-standard power adapters failing. Belkin appear to have gone stark staring mad and created a router that randomly chooses to supply users with adverts rather than the requested data.