The Matrix Revolutions

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Review after review has said “The second one was bad and this one is worse”. Well, I thought it was good, and I liked the second one too. The plot is a continuation of the previous film, and the ending was cheerful without being a “Hollywood ending”. People making “Highlander II” comparisons are either missing something in the sequels, or saw something I didn’t in the original.

One of the big turn-offs for the disappointed seems to be Zion. I’ve seen comments where fans of the first Matrix film are furious over the pretty mild sex scene and rave “orgy” in the second film. Some commenters on Slashdot walked out of the cinema during the Zion party scene. I wonder if some “conservative” people seriously believed the first Matrix film was a Christian parable, and then got upset at the dancing, sex-before-marriage, multi-ethnic/multi-faith bits in the sequel. They certainly won’t like the end of this one.

So here’s my review: It’s a Matrix film. It’s about guns, fake kung-fu and rambling philosophy. It has astounding plot holes. You will be able to predict exactly what the next line of dialogue is so often you’ll wonder if you’re an oracle yourself. It is not a serious film.

If you like that, you’ll enjoy it. If you don’t, you won’t.