Think It but Don't Say It?

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There’s a fascinating internal document from the BNP up on Wikileaks.

Rule #2 is rather revealing:

“The BNP is not a ‘fascist’ or ‘fascistic,’ let alone a ‘Nazi’ or ‘neo-Nazi’ or ‘national socialist’ party. It should never be referred to as such by BNP activists, and anyone else who does so must be politely but firmly corrected.”

(My italics)

So the BNP’s own members are in the habit of calling their organisation ‘fascist’, ‘nazi’ and ‘national socialist’, and leadership want them to use a euphemism instead. An honest organisation would admit to being what it’s members think it is. The BNP are old fashioned racists wrapped up in marketing bullshit. Rule #2 shows Rule #5 to be some impressive doublethink…