Tesco vs Coop

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This is strange: when Tesco wanted to open a mini-supermarket on High Street last year, it was opposed by local residents (particularly because of the cheap alcohol sales) and the council refused permission. That was good.

The same property is now opening as a Coop mini-supermarket, complete with license to sell alcohol. I’m no fan of Tesco and I’m usually more sympathetic to the Coop, but this doesn’t seem fair or consistent. It’s still a chainstore in an area that should be reserved for independent businesses, it’s still yet another shop selling cheap booze in bulk. There’s already a Coop shop one street away.

Local online tabloid Manchester Confidential ran a story (and organised a meeting) over the Tesco bid, but the Coop bid didn’t get this attention (or maybe I just missed it). I’m now in the awkward position of feeling that maybe Tesco has been treated unfairly. I suspect the smoking ban equivalent of ‘smoke filled rooms’ were involved.