Manchester City South Becomes Corridor Manchester?

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While reading Sir Richard Leese does a Big Fat Pipe on Manchester Confidential I thought to myself “This Manchester Corridor project reminds me of Manchester City South…” In fact, it’s got almost the same website: it looks as if the Manchester City South project has been rebranded.

Rather spookily I wrote a rare blog post on Manchester City South last year and said

“Calling it “City South”: A bad idea. […] so I’ll suggest calling it ‘The Corridor’, since people already talk of ‘The Oxford Road Corridor’ (and it sounds academic)”


Leese’s Big Fat Pipe is a plan for 100MB ‘broadband’ to be made available to flats and offices down Oxford Road. Since most places on Oxford Road are either already on Janet (much faster) or are a takeaway, I’m not sure how much of an impact this will have (it would be better in the web-startup-filled Northern Quarter) but decent Internet access is not to be sniffed at, wherever it is. Speed is actually less of an issue than symmetric bandwidth: we need better upload speeds than ADSL can provide.

More please!