Two Fantasy Worlds

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I’m still steadfastly refusing to join Facebook but I’ve given in and joined LinkedIn, the dull but apparently useful social networking site for adults and those who can sometimes pass as adults, such as myself.

I’m also definitely weakening on my plan to avoid MMORPGs. I’m much too much of an old-timer RPG-snob to dabble in chatrooms disguised as cartoony Warhammer-knockoffs (I’ve never liked any of Warcraft’s incarnations) and I’m still not fully recovered from my MUD days (those nightmares involving rapidly scrolling green text, struggling to trigger the macros in time…) but the EVE Online demo is definitely fun. Hard SF space opera, piracy and capitalism. Strong Vernor Vinge influences. Drone swarms. Sensible navigation (tell the ship where to go, and it handles things for you. No joysticks, no already extinct WW2 dogfight physics). Spaceships, banks, insurance, trading, huge battles, missions. It’s a 1980s ‘Elite’ player’s fantasy made real.

Best of all, it looks fun without investing too much valuable time. There’s a chance I might subscribe.