Spore War Update

- - posted in Ancient Archives

We moved on to check the living room, and more mold was found, although thankfully not as much. Small patches by the side of the sofa, a few specks on the wall behind the shelves. Fibreboard areas on the backs of Ikea furniture were infected again, but not as badly. The sofabed doesn’t seem to have been hit yet, but shows sign of humidity: the fold-out part hasn’t been used for a year or so, and opening it up revealed two rusted areas.

The worst patches are once again associated with items from the old basement flat, and items piled up. I think the fan we sometimes use to help dry clothes might be blowing moisture behind furniture, so it might be best to rely on the dehumidifier when the windows are closed.

Fortunately most of the room is OK. The inside wall is fine. I think some ancient Warhammer relics buried in a cupboard might have gone off, and the Mario DDR mats I might admit to owning have also, bizarrely, picked up the yellow mold underneath, but so far nothing too bad has been discovered. I’ve breathed in another large quantity of tea tree oil vapour.

Our electricity bill is going to be huge this month after trying to wash most of the flat, wash all our clothes, and also dry out a flat in a city built to be damp.