Dragon's Blood

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I was surprised to learn that the world’s hottest peppers are grown in the south of England, and that hot sauce is now a local delicacy on the south coast. While I was in Lyndhurst I bought a couple of locally produced sauces.

‘Raging Ape’ (I couldn’t resist) is a spicer version of ‘Cheeky Monkey’ (also tempting) but is not particularly hot - it’s a spicy banana chutney rather than a chili sauce. Nice on a cheese sandwich.

‘Dragon’s Blood’, on the other hand, has been a rather moving experience (tears were involved) and very enjoyable. I suspect it’s also mostly banana, but the Naga pepper in it makes things very interesting without it becoming a joke sauce - it’s remarkably hot but also has a nice flavour, and the heat isn’t harsh or unpleasant. Definitely recommended, but be cautious. Naga peppers are apparently used as anti-elephant tear gas.