La Princesse

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La Princesse (1)
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We went to Liverpool on Sunday to see La Princesse. La Machine brought La Princesse to Liverpool as one of the ‘Capital of Culture 2008’ events.

We arrived to find a huge crowd watching a spider that was still asleep - the afternoon event had been cancelled. The crowd stayed, watching the spider.

I’ve not really been to Liverpool city centre before, so we went for a wander for a few hours and had a rather good meal at a nice Chinese restaraunt called Yeut Ben, then went back to Lime Street to watch La Princesse as she woke up.

The evening was absolutely wonderful, not just the spider itself but the music and the crowd. La Princesse was a truly fantastic work of engineering but had personality too, from the excellent performance of her operators.

I’m also really pleased that I managed to get some photos from the back of the crowd, in the dark. The video clip above was taken as La Princesse approached the end of her visit.