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There a few things less interesting than bloggers blogging about their blogging. Stop reading now.

Well, you were warned…

I’m building up a new collection of unpublished blog entries again, although it’s nowhere close to the previous queue of over 700 abandoned items. I’ll often quickly write a few hundred words about something and then abandon the item.

It’s hard to believe there’s anything close to quality control going on here, but I only seem to publish about one eighth of the items I type into Ecto. Writing something is easy, editing something is much more time consuming. If the item is trivial then it’s easy to post, but if the item’s got actual content then I feel uneasy publishing it and tend to leave it in limbo until it’s too late to be of use.

Most of the best things in the backlog are related to my day job and overlap with a great deal of the links I add to Del.icio.us each day. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a second weblog for a while now, and I think I might as well have a go. I’ll keep Apetracks as a relatively useless personal writing exercise while also posting to a blog dedicated to identity and directory tech. I’m already amassing a lot of information on this topic for my own use so sharing any gems I come across may be of use to other people. I’m not an IDM guru but I am rather active at the ‘coal face’; there are plenty of blogs written by IDM consultants but few written by people who deal with real IDM issues day-to-day.

I’ll have a go at actually publishing some content to the new blog before announcing it.

I’m also going to try posting some of the backlog this time rather than just deleting it.

While Apetracks isn’t often updated my Flickr photostream gets updates almost every week, and my Del.icio.us feed at least once a day.