A New Oxford Road?

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More planned redevelopment, this time around Oxford Road.

  • Converting Oxford Road to be tree-lined, pedestrianised, and with it’s own bus/tram: A great idea.
  • Calling it “City South”: A bad idea.
  • Building a slow, confusing website entirely with Flash that contains almost no information: How very 1999! A bad idea.

It’s common for a very well presented campaign to be nothing but hot air. This seems to the opposite: a great plan badly presented. Which makes a nice change, I suppose.

I shouldn’t criticise without offering an alternative, so I’ll suggest calling it “The Corridor”, since people already talk of ‘The Oxford Road Corridor’ (and it sounds academic), and maybe presenting the idea using an accessible and usable site made with that new-fangled HTML.

Link: Manchester City South via Manchester Confidential Property - City South: where’s that?