Small Pieces Loosely Joined

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I hate breaking hyperlinks but I’m at it again: this weblog is moving to another host, with slightly different URLs. I’ll redirect some of the old links for a month or so. The new Apetracks will be available at If you’re using the FeedBurner feed then that will continue to work.

Until now I’ve been maintaining the software myself, hosting first on using MoveableType, then moved to Textdrive, using Wordpress for the blog. Running the blog software yourself gives a lot freedom to customise, freedom from AUPs, and probably more freedom of speech. But it also requires a fair bit of maintenance. I’ve barely been updating the blog comments recently, so the overhead of regular Wordpress upgrades is just too much work. The current spate of self-hosted Wordpress blogs being compromised has emphasised this. I work as a sysadmin during the day, and maintaining PHP apps in my own time isn’t my idea of fun anymore, so I’m going to migrate Apetracks over to Typepad.

I attended a very interesting conference on OpenID recently. One theme that persisted across the presentations was the idea that it can be much more effective to use a variety of specialised online services rather than a single all-in-one provider. I’ve been singing the praises of ‘loose coupling’ and toolchains for a long time, and I think it’s time to apply this to my Internet services too. As well as moving my blogs to a commercial blog provider, and moving my mail to, and I’ve signed up with Slicehost to provide a VPS for messing about. DNS is already with the excellent Nettica It’s going to cost more than staying with Textdrive but hopefully I’ll get a lot more functionality for less effort, and not too much money.

Of course, I might regret this if the US dollar recovers…