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People frequently assume I read The Guardian. I don’t.

There were a few years when I bought it a couple of days a week. Then a few years when I bought it on Saturday. Then I realised that whoever it was written for, it certainly wasn’t written for me. I can find adverts for overpriced rubbish disguised as reviews, weak propaganda, sloppy journalism and ignorant punditry on the Internet, or write it myself. When The Guardian became key to keeping Blair in power unchecked (“hold your nose and vote Labour”) it became as unpurchasable as Murdoch’s rubbish.

Craig Murray posted the following to Comment Is Free, a sometimes quite decent site that is owned by The Guardian:

After I blogged the (indisputable) fact that no maritime boundary between Iran and Iraq in the Persian Gulf had ever been agreed and the MOD map was a fake with no legal force, it took some time to seep into the public consciousness. Eventually the Mail published it, then the BBC took it up, and eventually everyone except the mad people on the Harry’s Place blog accepted it as true. I have now been asked by the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee to produce a paper explaining it to them. The reason I note this here, is that before I did any of that, I phoned the Guardian and explained at length the problem with the map to David Leigh and Richard Norton Taylor. They took no notice whatever and the Guardian continued to reproduce the Blair fake boundary map as propaganda for weeks, with no hint there was a problem with it. This is very sad for me, as I remember the days when the Guardian was a newspaper and not a Blairite neo-con rag. I think that what the Guardian/Observer has become under the war criminal supporting White, Tisdall, Wintour, Toynbee and Cohen is a national disaster. Rusbridger is just a cypher in a very bad wig.

and then the whole thread magically disappeared from the front page and recent items list.

Link: Craig Murray - The Guardian and the Guilty

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