A Narrowboat Called Lyra

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I’ve just posted a comment on an earlier post mentioning that I’d recently seen a narrowboat named after Lyra, a character from His Dark Materials. Out of curiosity I searched Google to see if anyone else had mentioned it and found that the crew have a weblog! Here’s the entry for the day I saw the boat. Narrowboat Lyra is travelling around Britain’s canals from August 2006 to August 2007. The weblog is a fascinating diary of their journey and has plenty of photos.

I see canal boats going past everyday and grew up near a canal but apart from a couple of brief trips on canal boats at The Black Country Museum I’ve never really travelled by narrowboat. I think a narrowboat holiday might become an ambition.

Manchester has a lot of dodgy looking locks that would seem to make canal travel rather slow and tedious but we still gets lots of cheerfully crewed boats chugging through. Maybe I’m just too lazy.

Link: Narrowboat Lyra