Lyra, Airships and Bears, Oh My!

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‘His Dark Materials: Northern Lights’ trailer! Woo! (Well, it’s ‘The Golden Compass’ now, following the book’s American title, and not quite the same as the book, but definitely Woo all the same.)

It looks good, but I’m still concerned: I’ve been wondering how they’ll convincingly show a talking polar bear (lets face it, they don’t have the jaw, teeth lips, etc for it it look “normal”) and I’m still not convinced from the trailer. Where are all the demon animals? I thought the Texan balloonist was younger… But I’m still eagerly looking forward to this. At the very least it should encourage more people to enjoy the books. Pullman himself has said “All the important scenes are there and will have their full value.” Fingers crossed.

(Via His Dark Materials from Ben Hammersley) [I too will be very surprised if they get away with showing one particular small scene in the third book. Although I’m hoping it might make it to a DVD extended edition :-)]