The Land of Chocolate!

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Manchester Vegetarian and Vegan Group held a chocolate tasting event and asked me to take a few photos.

In the end I took 105 pictures, with about 64 usable ones - I’m a point-and-clicker rather than a Serious Photographer With A Serious Camera.

The chocolate was great, ranging from expensive fancy, handmade stuff to vegan white chocolate and Jaffa Cake clones. All the chocolate had been generously donated by a long list of companies. There was a huge pile of rather good vegan fudge, raw chocolate tea, cakes and marzipan bars. The chocolate fountain decided to behave more like one of those volcanic mud pools in New Zealand, bubbling away rather than flowing, but it worked well enough.

If you’re a veggie in Manchester then I would recommend joining MVVG’s mailing list - they’re a nice group, the list often has interesting and useful info and you’ll get the opportunity to experience all-you-can-eat vegan chocolate events :-)

(I’m still humming the music from Homer’s chocolate daydream)

Link: MVVG Chocolate Tasting