Piccadilly Station Invader - Update

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I should have mentioned this ages ago:

In January I wrote to Network Rail and Manchester City Council asking if they knew what happened to the Invader mosaic outside Piccadilly Railway Station.

Manchester City Council didn’t reply (which I’ve come to expect) but I can understand that the whereabouts of a space invader mosaic are hardly a priority. If my message wasn’t actually a crank email it may well have looked like one.

Network Rail replied almost immediately and passed my query on to the contractor, Realty Estates. Realty Estates replied a few days later.

The invader was destroyed during the removal of the concrete base, but Realty Estates said that had they known about the Invader in advance they would have preserved it.

It’s a pity the mosaic was lost but not really a big deal - the Invaders are not permanent; the invasion occurred and then the invaders are gradually destroyed one by one. I appreciate the helpful replies from both companies.

If you notice work going on near an invader it might be a good idea to mention it to the company carrying out the work, just in case.