Uncanny Maracas

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Yesterday A. and I took part in a telepathy experiment being carried out by The University of Manchester. We were both equipped with classic virtual reality gear and then had to take turns to send and receive selections from various objects. I’m sceptical of this concept of telepathy, but I’m still very pleased to say we beat the odds :-)

It was also fun to sit in a virtual room. I was amused to notice that when I looked down and saw my ‘legs’ and left arm in the virtual room I instinctively tried to move them, even though they weren’t connected to any sensing devices. The graphics weren’t realistic enough to to fool my conscious mind, but my subconscious mind had immediately tried to associate them.

We earned £7 each for our time as psychic guineapigs, which we traded for food at the local Buddhist cafe the next day.

(This is part 3 in Making My Life Sound Quite Interesting By Focusing On The Odd Bits)