Special Powers (an Update)

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If a government creates a new law to be used only in ‘special’ cases, you can bet that someone will want to ‘try it out’ as soon as possible, and soon the new special law will be used with all the subtlety of opening a tin using a shotgun.

The special anti-terror legislation passed to protect the public from the grim spectre of terror has also been used against:

  • A pensioner who shouted ‘nonsense’ at Jack Straw
  • A pensioner who wore an anti-Blair T-shirt
  • A young woman who read out the names of dead UK servicemen at the War Memorial
  • A Dundee woman for walking in a cycle lane
  • Two anglers fishing without a license
  • A busload of CND protestors, one of whom was carrying ‘a weapon’ later identified as a toy kite
  • Morrisey (in the USA)
  • Vegans (in the USA)
  • Manchester United fans
  • Actors who played terrorists in a film

and the latest:

(Content shamelessly stolen from Blairwatch)