Complaining Is Good

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I think writing letters of complaint and/or nitpicking might be my new hobby

Dear BBC, I’m uncomfortable with your use of the word “leftist”. This isn’t a word commonly used in the UK, but in the USA it is *not* a neutral term. “Left-wing” or “Socialist” would be a more neutral term. In the USA “leftist” is effectively a derogatory term. There is no “rightist”, as such views are assumed to be normal, safe and good. “Leftist” implies that people or organisations have abnormal, dangerous ideologies. A Google search for “leftist” shows it is used negatively in an overwhelming number of cases, and when used positively it’s usually in a “reclaiming” or ironic context. The USA’s mainstream media *does* have a bias, please don’t repeat it. Please adjust your styleguide! Yes, I have nothing better to do this morning :-)

Link: Leftist trio seals Americas pact

Of course, in this case at least two of the leaders involved are rather unusual.