UK PS/2 Keyboard Layout for MacOS X

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I bought myself a Mac Mini in August. Development with Perl somehow still feels better with Linux and JED, but for Rails development and my normal evening time wasting I’ve really taken to Mac OS X.

I’m using the Mac with a switchbox and my trusty Cherry PS2 keyboard, but the default UK keymap didn’t work well at all, and I couldn’t find a good replacement. It’s odd that Apple promotes the Mini as being usable with a PC keyboard, but don’t include a suitable keymap for British users.

Fortunately there is an excellent keymap editor called Ukelele, which I used to make my own, almost-perfect keymap. I’ve been meaning to post this somewhere for months, so I may as well put it here.

To use, just drop this into your Library/Keyboard Layouts folder, then select in System Preferences.

Link: UK PS/2 Keyboard Layout for Mac OS X (You’ll also need a USB adapter!)