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I’ve been ‘tagged’ to answer a series of questions by a friend, so I will.

Four Jobs I have had:

  1. Dustbinman and street cleaner in the Midlands: I’ve eaten lunch sitting next to a very dead sheep and been hit by juice from an exploding cat. It was very ‘character building’.
  2. Multimedia Content Coordinator in the North East: I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.
  3. Systems Administrator in the North East: Learned a lot, found I was prevented from using much of what I learned.
  4. Systems Administrator in the North West: I can now use what I’ve learned, and learn more. A near perfect job, I love it.

Four Movies I could watch over and over:

  1. ‘Princess Mononoke’. Try to see with eyes unclouded.
  2. ‘Fong Sai Yuk’. Jet Li’s finest.
  3. ‘Star Wars Episode 4’. (Fortunately for domestic harmony) With Han shooting first.
  4. The Matrix. I know, I know… but it has hidden subtlety and skillful violence. Really.

Four Places I have lived:

  1. Warwickshire. Grew up in a large rural village. The county of Shakespeare, George Eliot, Tolkien. All dead. Probably not as bad as I thought it was.
  2. Manchester. A dirty and exciting city. First lived here as a student, then returned 12 years later.
  3. Missouri. Stayed with my girlfriend’s family. It’s a nice place with nice people.
  4. Newcastle upon Tyne. Lived in a nice street in a less than nice area, it’s greatly improving since I left. I miss the fresh air of Newcastle, and the great people I worked with.

Four TV shows I love to watch:

  1. ‘Firefly’
  2. ‘Lost’
  3. ‘Channel 4 News’
  4. ‘Ultraviolet’ (short-lived 90s series, but still the best ever TV vampires)

Four places I have been on vacation:

  1. Lyme Regis, South West UK
  2. Keswick, Lake District, UK
  3. Kristiansand, Norway
  4. Chicago, USA

Four blogs I visit daily:

I use RSS feeds so I don’t really visit them daily, but these spring to mind:

  1. BoingBoing
  2. Fafblog
  3. Guy Fawkes
  4. Random Acts of Reality

Four favorite foods:

  1. Dark chocolate.
  2. Rooibosch tea
  3. Fried tempeh (any fried edible plant really. Aubergine. Chillis. Doughnuts.)
  4. Saurkraut

Four Places I would Rather Be:

I can’t really answer this one. Here more?

Four Albums I can‚Äôt live without: I could live without all albums, but here’s four I like:

  1. The Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld, The Orb
  2. A Collection of Great Dance Songs, Pink Floyd
  3. Drukqs, Aphex Twin
  4. Converting Vegetarians, Infected Mushroom

Four Vehicles I have owned:

  1. A large red pedal-powered pickup truck, with a little crane thing I think.
  2. A very heavy wooden sledge.
  3. A very, very heavy wooden go-kart (the sort with pram wheels)
  4. A raft that I helped build, and which sank mid-journey.

At this point I should ‘tag’ four other bloggers I know. Unfortunately the only two I know well are the ones who passed this to me, so this is a leaf node. It goes no further. Just like me.