FLJUD 0.5 at Last!

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I’ve released version 0.5 of FLJUD, almost 18 months after I started to rewrite version 0.4. It’s not well written, elegant or stable, but it works, and has enough functionality to justify upgrades from 0.4. More importantly, FLJUD’s code is progressing nicely towards becoming a rather neat framework for quickly building other Jabber/XMPP components.

The BAXL/FLJUD documentation site is also freshly released. One person who tried an older alpha version of FLJUD said “it made my head hurt”: this doesn’t surprise me as at that point there was very little documentation and half the config file had no effect… I’m hoping the documentation will at least reduce the headaches.

Now that I’ve got 0.5 out of the way there’ll be no more ‘alpha’ releases, just simple incremental releases. Each release will have new features and improvements on the back-end BAXL framework. I’m aiming to release a new version every couple of months from now on.

What I desperately need now is feedback from users.