What’s Sauce for the Goose Is Sauce for the Gander

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It’s all clear to me now! The British Government has a plan to save us all from Terror. Their position is this:

  • Human rights can be denied for the security of the the majority. Ben Franklin said what? Airy-fairy liberal!
  • It’s OK to hand over suspects to be tortured and imprisoned abroad, for the security of the majority. It’s not as if we’re responsible then, is it?
  • Evidence and trials aren’t needed. All the authorities need is a suspicion that you could be involved, somehow. Probably.
  • The government will kill the occassional innocent person, but it’s a price worth paying for security
  • Security is more important than liberty. But not in China, or Malaysia, or Zimbabwe. That’s different. They understand that different rules apply to English speaking countries.

So, here’s an idea, fitting neatly into the New Ethics of New Labour:

  • Tony Blair, through his incredibly stupid actions, has aided ‘Islamic’ terrorism more than anyone else in the UK. The invasion of Iraq has ruined any good PR he got from trying to help with the problems in Palestine. You’d have to be stark, raving mad to believe otherwise.
  • If he carries on like this, he’ll make things even worse. He’s like a boy who throws rocks at wasps nests.
  • As he’s aiding terrorist recruitment and is therefor threatening the security of the people of Britain, his human rights are no longer important (according to New Labour, at least)
  • The British legal system can’t do much to control him, but remember: it’s OK to deport people to torturers and murderers, if it avoids those pesky laws in the UK that protect people!

So the solution is clear: send Mr Blair to an Al Qaeda franchise somewhere, maybe with a hopeful note saying “Here he is, we know you won’t hurt him (wink wink). Lets just call it quits for now, OK? Have fun with Tony and stop the exploding train stuff, and we sort out our foreign policy”.

You might think this is cruel, repressive, hypocritical and ineffective. It’s giving the terrorists what they want!

But it complies with the morality of the UK Government. It’s unpleasant, but it has to be done for our security. Surely Blair’s New Ethics apply to everyone, everywhere?

And that’s why Blair is really a danger: Not because of the war, or his lies. His language, his logic, his morals, his attempts to undermine human rights and fair legal process, all of these are poisoning the politics of the entire world. I’m not serious, but other people will follow his lead, and follow his reasoning. He’s damaging human rights everywhere, because the rest of the world is watching us. He’s turning the UK into what the ‘islamic’ terrorists already think it is, he’s destroying any moral high ground we had, and he’s setting a very bad example to the rest of the world. The arguments he’s using now in ‘The War On Terror’ won’t go away, they’ll fester elsewhere and then return to plague us all.