A Fresh Approach to LDAP

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On the one hand, this makes much of what I’ve been working on in the evenings for the past year a little redundant… but for my day job, this could be very, very useful.

Penrose is an LDAP server that presents data stored in other, existing backends (SQL databases or LDAP servers, probably) as a fully structured LDAP directory.

OpenLDAP can use a variety of backends, including SQL, and act as a proxy, but it can be rather fiddly. The Flash demo of Penrose makes it look very nice indeed, integrating the configuration GUI with a directory browser.

And if you think it looks a little like Active Directory, you’d be right, and this is exactly what Open Source ‘proper’ LDAP needs.

I wonder what the performanceis is like? OpenLDAP is rather fast now, and I’m still sceptical about Java’s performance for things like this.

Link: Penrose