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Looking at the BBC website today, there are at least 66 glowing stories on the late Pope, and 1 story that includes any criticism. In the “Your Views” pages, there isn’t one critical view, despite the pages being introduced with the line: “The following comments reflect the balance of views received”. Surely an angry Northern Irish Protestant or passionate American Evangelical, or anti-AIDs campaigner, or women’s rights campaigner wrote in? It seems nobody isn’t bothered at all, nobody disliked him. Or could this be the sensitive new post-‘Jerry Springer The Opera’ BBC?

It was interesting to learn that a Pope is declared dead after being hit on the head three times with a silver hammer while his name is called - if he doesn’t answer, he’s dead.

I didn’t like him. And if he was right, he isn’t even dead: he’s much better off now, so why the fuss? It seems rather selfish to want the poor guy living on with a feeding tube, barely able to breathe or move, when he could be enjoying VIP status in everlasting paradise.

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Critical articles: Critics slate ‘out-of-date’ Pope

(Note the sensitive use of the phrase “Out-of-date”. My old trousers and some pesto in my fridge are out-of-date, but they didn’t cause much trouble in Africa.)