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Christianity has survived the execution of it’s founder*, the persecution of his followers, the Roman circus, Vikings, The Mongol Hordes, The Black Death, The Ottoman Empire. Christianity even survived the Christians, many of whom have dedicated a lot of energy to vigorously persecuting other Christians.

Why all the fuss about a singing ‘slightly gay’ Jesus in a nappy? Have any of these people noticed ‘South Park’?

I’ve read and heard some Buddhists say that if a religion can’t cope with ridicule and “blasphemy’, then maybe it isn’t fit enough to survive, and I have to agree.

I sent an email to the BBC saying:

Mediawatch, if you think “40,000” complaints are enough for a TV show to be banned, would you mind this same process also applying to ‘Songs Of Praise’ or any other show? I’m sure once the precedent is set it wouldn’t be hard to organise. The BBC is trying to provide TV for everyone. Its schedules aren’t a reality-TV style phone-in for the public to vote off shows they don’t like.

Grrrr. The opera was a bit dull though. The BBC should do a graphic TV version of Richard Herring’s ‘Talking Cock’ show next.

  • Although I think he survived and eventually died in Kashmir :-)