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There have been no posts here from me for a while, as my old PC failed, then after I’d put together a new one, I decided to try to really focus on getting a completely new version of Fljud out. It’s now two years since the original hacky little script was put on Sourceforge. I’ve failed to get a new one out in time for the anniversary. I’m still bogged down in the back-end library side of things, and having sleepy, dull headaches from the muggy weather, and being distracted by ‘Prince of Persia’ on the Gamecube. It’s no Zelda, but it’s still rather good.

I’ve been trying to get in a couple of hours work each evening, and this week was meant to use up some vacation days in a blaze of programing productivity. So far, that hasn’t happened - I’ve been stuck on some problems, with a non-functioning brain. However, the huge cake from The Earth Cafe was very, very nice.