Mail Questions

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Is Manchester’s postal delivery service particularly bad, or is it just that Newcastle’s is quite good?

How can a “First Class” parcel take over five days (still counting…) to be delivered to a central Manchester address?

  • Despite appearances Manchester is quite a distant and difficult place to find
  • The postman has just left the parcel next to the building’s front door as he did last time*, only this time someone has stolen it
  • Because I complained about that, the parcel is on a shelf labelled “Wait a week”
  • Since First Class is the new Second Class, it’s just been lost
  • It’s in a dog-dirt bin

To answer the question, I’ve talked to friends and relatives in Manchester, and it does look as if residential deliveries aren’t particularly good, particularly for flat-dwellers.

Link: “Angry CWU representatives believe post is often being delivered by people who do not care whether it reaches the correct destination on time.”

Here’s another late/lost presents rant.

  • I was at home too - he didn’t bother to ring the bell, or leave it with a neighbour. Or leave a card in my postbox saying “Left parcel next to front door where about 100 people will walk past it”. I just happened to notice it when I was leaving.

Still, it might eventually arrive. At least I’ve not broken my rib.

[Victor Meldew style rants are now only permitted when supported by something vaguely useful or informative, or just a couple of links.]

Update: Mea culpa, a bit. I have now got the parcel: there was a letter in my postbox today (Friday) saying that they’d tried to deliver it on Monday. I’d given up waiting on Monday as I needed to go shopping, and left at about 4.40pm. Delivery turned up around 4.50pm. Grrrr. So it was fast, it just wasn’t left with the block management or neighbours, and I wasn’t told until four days later. I also got a letter for a business down the road today.