Odeon Stupidity Spreads

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Dear Odeon,

In December 2002 I wrote a small article on my website, describing how astonishingly badly written the Odeon website was. I was unable to use your your website at all. Using most browsers, your website is simply the word “Odeon”. I went to the local UCI instead.

In August 2003, I discovered a way to use your site: via the efforts of a good designer, Mr Somerville, someone who clearly understands how to use the web. I visited the Odeon again.

Now I can no longer access your information, as you have decided to threaten Mr Somerville for giving people access to your site.

Your marketing director appears to possess the same effectiveness as your website designers.

I will now be boycotting the Odeon cinemas.

Link: Accessible Od*on

(Is this a sort of viral-anti-marketing campaign? Or are Mac OS X and Linux users not wanted at the Odeon? “Oi! We don’t want you smart-arse types in here! Clear off and take your fancy glasses and film analysis with you!”