The End of Pigwig

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I’ve cancelled my Demon account after almost nine years. Demon took too long to provide ADSL, so a couple of years ago I signed up with Zen Internet. Since then I’ve only been using my Demon account for email, and it’s no longer worth paying for a separate account. was fun - I felt like a pioneer in the early days, moving from dialing into BBSs to unreliable SLIP connections on my Amiga via Demon, often getting up at 6am to download shareware from FTP sites “before America woke up” and speeds dropped. Years later my Demon webpage got slashdotted, and Demon blocked access to it for a while. Ah, nostalgia.

On the other hand, I’ve discovered that over 90% of our spam is coming in on the old email addresses, and losing that is a definite silver lining.