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I tend to save good Dilbert cartoons to my harddisk*, although I’ve not done it so much recently. Which is a pity because following the recent classic Bungee Boss incident at my previous employers, I couldn’t find the cartoon. Grrr.

There really should be an option to subscribe to the full collection, and to publish playlists of favourites. I like the idea of being able to publish a weblog-like career diary using only Dilbert strips… I’ve sufferedexperienced Dilbert archetypes, and I’ve been some too. A Dilbert-diary wouldn’t be much use to me now - as I’m now in the academic world, I seem to have pretty much dropped out of the Dilbert universe. You see Jeff, I wasn’t writing them after all.

(*I do buy all the Dilbert books, so I’m paying Mr Adams. I bought some of the Dilbert food too, once. One day I’ll get the Babylon 5 episode with Scott Adams in it on DVD.)