My Own Dotcom

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I’m building a fictional company directory for use with my LDAP projects. I need to test software with directories containing tens of thousands of user accounts rather than two, and take screenshots without breaking the Data Protection Act, so I can’t use my home LDAP or my employer’s.

I’ve not managed to find any large LDIF files for testing LDAP on the ‘net, which is a pity. LDAP systems frequently get rather big: large companies and universities seem to love LDAP, and a system with tens of thousands of records is typical. Testing with 40 records isn’t good enough. It also isn’t a good idea to test software for editing LDAP trees on a live system.

The staff for this business will be generated by a rather crude script that munges the USA 2000 Census data to create simple but superficially realistic records. I’ll gradually make it more realistic, but I’m just looking for quantity at the moment. Babs Jensen will be there somewhere, of course.

I gave up trying to give this company an interesting name, so it is. I hadn’t realised that is an officially reserved domain name - no real business can use it.

Once I get a useful dataset I’ll release it with a Creative Commons License.

Link: Reserved Top Level DNS Names