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I’m going to rewrite FLJUD as soon as I’ve finished moving in. I released it as a sort of experimental beta over a year ago, not expecting it to get much attention, but there are now quite a few users (some at rather large organisations), too many bugs and even some patches from users. I’ve got features in some of my other Jabber components that would be good in Fljud too. Most of all, the Jabber specs have settled and formed into IETF standards (XMPP), and Fljud does not conform to the XMPP spec in it’s rather unorthodox form fields. Time to implement lots of nice new JEP features instead: Data Forms, Disco, Feature Negotiation, and lots more.

That’s the plan. More news as reality intervenes - at the very least, I’ll get an intermediate patched version 0.5 up in the next couple of weeks.