Things Creationists Hate

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One of the fascinatings things about Christian fundamentalists is that although they claim the Bible (usually the rather dodgy King James version) is literally the word of God, to be obeyed in its entirety, they actually ‘pick and choose’ at least as much as the more liberal, “unorthodox” varieties of Christianity*. I’d like to see a bible colour-coded into overlapping areas that show which bits are accepted/ignored by each major group.

Link: Things Creationists Hate

  • For instance, I’ve yet to see people campaigning against the eating of scampi, crabsticks, lobsters or prawn cocktails**, a practice classed as “an abomination” in the bible, near the bit which condemns homosexual acts in religious ceremonies as “an abomination”.

** OK Sam, apart from vegetarian groups and UK government health advisors.