Belt, Braces, DLT, Tars, CVS Printouts…

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I haven’t upgraded the OS on my home server for years, and since I’ve got some time away from work, a new Mandrake is out, and I’m just about to start another intensive round of Hippo development, this is probably the best opportunity I’ll get for a long time. Professionally I wouldn’t do this without a week or so of watching the new OS and waiting for other people to find the bugs*, but, well, it’s now or next year, and it’s a point-two release, so there shouldn’t be anything too risky cough cough

I’ve been backing up in various ways for four hours now.

There doesn’t appear to be any source code for the Linux kernel on Mandrake’s free download version of 9.2. Three CDs, no kernel code. Why?

*That’s why I hand out copies of the CDs at work. I’m devious.