The Great Gorilla Run

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A. and I are dedicated supporters of the Diane Fossey Gorilla Fund, but we can’t run, and I definitely couldn’t run in a hot gorilla suit. When we received a leaflet advertising The Great Gorilla Run, I passed it on to my comrade-in-multimedia, John Moore. John, better known as an international croquet sportsman, is also someone who actually enjoys running, especially if brightly coloured clothes are involved.

John raised a fair quantity of money, travelled across the country, donned his gorilla suit, and despite only a couple of hours sleep he managed to come third out of six hundred-odd running gorilla people. Sadly The Great North Run was on the same weekend, and the Great Gorilla Run got very little media attention, but it looks like it went well. The mountain gorillas are very close to extinction, but they can be saved, with enough help.

Link: Lots of official race photos (John is wearing orange shorts.)