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If only I’d just waited!

Bricolage A very successful Open Source CMS. Bricolage runs many popular websites and frequently beats expensive proprietary CMSs in reviews. Bricolage is very different to Hippo: it’s a top-down publishing tool for managing magazine and news sites based around articles, while Hippo is about small communities trading chunks of information. All the same, it’s too impressive to miss in this CMS round-up.

Tiki Startlingly close to what I originally intended Hippo to be, and still so close* that I’m tempted to use it rather than Hippo. Tiki has a large team of clearly talented developers, and if I was going to get competitive I wouldn’t stand a chance. I’ll just pilfer a couple of their ideas instead. Hippo is weirder though, I’ll say that.

Bloki A blog hosting service with wiki-like features, something which is a Good Thing and Hippo-bound for a while. The combination of subscription based hosting with blogging software seems to be getting rather popular - 20six launched an English version of their service this week, and other companies are moving into this area. I’m not sure if Hippo could do this - it’s meant for small groups of people, only a few hundred at most.

*I’m comparing a real working application to something that’s 70% vapourware here, which is a bit cheeky I know.