June’s Over Ambitious Project Update

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Plan A was to write a shallow prototype that was almost just a mockup, then, after finalising features and design, start work on the real program. I planned to throw one away.

I’m deeply buried in Plan B, which more closely matches Microsoft’s development spiral. I didn’t intend to do this, but it suits me better. I’m now on the third rewrite of Hippo. The amount of change a user sees across the three versions in quite small, but the amount of library functionality is much, much bigger. I seem to be writing a contruction kit rather than the actual app. Good or bad? I’m not sure. Either way it’s a good learning experience, and I get a lot of code to reuse in other projects.

Hippo is now properly multi-user, although without any security yet - the ACL methods just say “yeah, OK” to all checks. The vapourware portion has grown a little too, but the feature set is now pretty stable. No iceberg in sight yet - the idea seems to work.

I think it’s about time I actually added the useful bits, and condensed some vapour…