Oops I Did It Again

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During the recent war in Afghanistan, US troops “accidentally” destoyed the al-Jazeera offices in Kabul. Today they managed to “accidentally” destroy the al-Jazeera offices in Baghdad, killing a journalist, but also managed to “accidentally” attack the offices of Abu Dhabi television.

The Palestine Hotel, housing most of the foriegn journalists in Baghdad, was also attacked today. Two people were killed.

In the Kosovo conflict, US forces deliberately bombed a Serbian TV station, killing studio staff.

Kate Adie claims to have been warned, just before this war, that unapproved journalists would be targeted by the USA military. Is this threat being carried out? Reporting from a war zone is obviously rather dangerous, but these attacks have been against known neutral locations.

Then there’s the tragic and mysterious deaths of Gaby Rado and Terry Lloyd.

I generally don’t have a high opinion of journalists, but I’m beginning to admire the bravery and undaunted professionalism of many war reporters, especially the non-“embedded” ones.

Link: Outcry over journalists’ deaths