Improving Crufts

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To make Crufts more popular, the organisers should add a competition in which beautiful dogs are whipped until they charge around around a dangerous obstacle course in a tight pack. Every year a number of dogs would die. The organisers would need a special team to rapidly kill any dogs that make a fuss. Otherwise it would be cruel.

The public could watch this on TV, and feel more involved by betting on the outcome. To add a subtle twist, the new style dog show industry should be rotten with fraud, fixes and criminal gangs.

People would love it. After all, they love The Grand National. Only one dead horse this year too.

Yup, a bitter sarcastic rant, but this is a blog after all. I’m cynical enough to believe that most people are opposed to fox hunting, bull fighting, badger baiting and so on only because it’s a pleasure-from-killing experience they don’t already enjoy.