Late Lessons

- - posted in Ancient Archives

Somewhere in three years of studying political theory I missed some important bits, but I’ve had the gaps in my education filled in recently by clever Labour Party people.

  • The bit where disagreement somehow destroys the whole point of a (pseudo)democratic process. How dare the French disagree! They’ve ruined everything.

  • Today a USA spokesman mentioned the “right” of the USA to invade other countries whenever it wants to. I’m not aware of this one, but looking back over the past 100 years, other people are. From the Aleister Crowley school of diplomacy, maybe. It certainly makes things simpler. If only Saddam had got himself this right before invading Kuwait, there wouldn’t be all this fuss.

  • The bit where killing lots of people and destroying civilian infrastructure defeats terrorists rather than encouraging them. If only the UK had bombed Dublin and Belfast! D’oh!

  • American Veto Good. French Veto Bad. British Veto Good. Chinese Veto Bad. Lots of America Vetos Good. A few French Vetos Very Bad.

  • If terrorists are based in a country, it can be attacked (see Afghanistan). But, if you prefer, you can attack an unconnected country nearby instead. (see Saudi Arabia & Iraq). Not a lot of people know that. For instance, since terrorists were based in Florida and Germany, it would probably be OK to bomb, say, Cuba or France instead. Neat.

  • We wouldn’t have to go to war now if the French had agreed to us going to war now. Bad France! Bad! You’ve made us invade Iraq by telling us not to.

No, hold on… I’m still struggling with that one. With any luck Mr Prescott and Mr Straw will explain it again.