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I recently managed to lose my large and messy web bookmark list. This happened despite an automated, daily, incremental backup. For some baffling reason I can’t get my bookmarks back.

It’s rather upsetting. I’ve lost my ‘things to blog’ links, my list of neat blogs to include with Hippo, my list of Perl modules, but most of all, I’ve lost part of my own “external memory”. A friend of mine recently said that someone’s data is part of their life, and I think this is true. Information, when created, stored or found by someone, becomes part of them; it’s more than just an intangible possession.

I was going to add a few source types to Hippo that deal with bookmarks, but they’re now higher priority. In the meantime, here is the Daioh Temple of Daioh Mountain, which holds Memorial Services for Lost Information.

Irony: This is the second time I’ve typed this. I accidentally opened another page in this browser window, and destroyed the original post before I’d saved it.