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I was very briefly mentioned in The Guardian a couple of weeks ago in an article on the Lazyweb idea. This is my first appearance outside the Guardian’s letters page. I admit it: I’ve written letters to the Guardian, just one small step away from writing letters to Home Truths. Which I have to confess, I listen to every weekend. I also plan to grow a proper beard one day, but I digress.

A relatively large website which I struggled to maintain way back in the mid-1990s was once Slashdotted, back in the days when that meant something*, and was later recommended as reading material to the USA’s Department of Justice in a letter by Ralph Nader and James Love. I’m still quite proud of this. Alas, the pressures of fame, Claris HomePage and my site’s god-awful colour scheme proved too much for me, and I passed the site on to someone else, and retired with the $40 of Amazon Associate fees I’d earned. I let the dotcom bubble pass me by, (which wasn’t difficult) and focused on my day job and reading a dangerous number of O’Reilly books.

*Back before the term was actually used, I suspect, which makes that statement mean even less.