Like Hippo, but Different

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Plodding on for a couple of hours every night now, and enjoying it immensely. Somehow, refactoring code is a nice way to spend an evening. Not the nicest, I hasten to add. I’m learning a lot, and Hippo is looking good inside and out.

Hippo isn’t quite a Content Management System (CMS). It’s more about meta-content than content, but it’s inspired by great software such as those listed on the sites below:

CMSInfo - a site listing many Open Source CMS systems. Open Source CMS - another OSS CMS portal

In particular Hippo is influenced by the sadly relicensed Metadot and the absolutely wonderful WebGUI. It’ll do things rather differently though - Hippo has a different role. In fact, I’m wondering if I can get it to work alongside WebGUI…