Living With Homerism Part 94

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Just before Christmas I managed to hurt my wrists and arms by not following the instuctions on a yoga CD. Yes, I managed to injure myself using an introductory yoga CD. This is why I’ve avoided sport and thus managed to reach the grand old age of 30 - I was designed to sit around reading. The next time I think “Surely my hands should bend further than that?” I will try to resist the urge to experiment.

I will also not demonstrate how I hurt my right wrist by starting to repeat the experiment on the left wrist. D’oh.

I’ll return to yoga once I’ve recovered enough common sense to not be a danger to myself in a few weeks. In the meantime I’ve been taking anti-inflamatory tablets, and managed to rest my right arm (the worse one) for over two weeks. Lunch away from my desk every day, and as little typing as is possible for a unix-using sysadmin.

I’m pretty much repaired now, as long as I’m careful. Time to get back to hacking about with projects and clearing/ignoring the backlog of blogable trivia. And cooking. And shopping for groceries.