The Odeon Website

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I wanted to see what time ‘The Two Towers’ was playing at the big new Odeon in Newcastle. The UCI website isn’t particularly good and sometimes contains incorrect information, but it works. The Odeon website is an absolute masterpiece of bad design.

Odeon Website Compatibility Linux/Mozilla 1.1? No. Linux/Konqueror? No. Mac OS X/Chimera? No. Mac OS X/Opera? No. Mac OS X/Mozilla? No. Mac OS X/OmniWeb? No. Mac OS X/Internet Explorer? Yes, but slow, glitchy and ugly.

For some unfathomable reason the whole page is built from external Javascripts. Believe me, no one is going to “steal” the code to this mess. It even has blinking navigation graphics. Eurgh.

Link: The Odeon